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A duel to Keep America At Work

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:54 pm    Post subject: A duel to Keep America At Work Reply with quote

The original article and all the supporting articles can be found via the following link.

I am including the Keep America At Work challenges Microsoft to a Duel portion here.


In today’s opinion section of the Wall Street Journal, we find Brad Smith saying that Microsoft cannot find qualified people here in America.

To that I, Virgil Bierschwale of Keep America At Work say BULL SHIT…!

Each month, when the government publishes the national jobs report, Americans pick over small movements in the headline rate of unemployment. In doing so, they largely miss a crucial aspect of the U.S. jobs crisis.

Many American companies are now creating more jobs for which they can’t find qualified applicants than jobs for which they can. Thus the economy faces a paradox: Too many Americans can’t find jobs, yet too many companies can’t fill open positions. There are too few Americans with the necessary science, technology, engineering and math skills to meet companies’ demand. to read the original challenge that I sent to Microsoft, their Board of Directors and many, many more.

Folks, we are flat out being lied to and to prove it to you, I am making this challenge.

The Wall Street Journal and Rupert Murdoch’s other media ventures are going to give us the media exposure to attract the challengers on both sides.

Microsoft can pick their best and brightest either internally, or offshore (IF they already have the necessary visa) as long as they are not American’s.

Keep America At Work is going to pick the Black Sheep that Microsoft refuses to even consider and they have to be Americans with or without a degree.

The selection committee for the American team will be comprised of :

    Norm Matloff
    Robert X. Cringely
    Peter Cappelli

There are no rules since Microsoft is already cheating when they say they can’t find qualified help.

The timeline is:

Six months to assemble the team (90 days to advertise via the generosity of Rupert Murdoch, and 90 days to select the team)
One year on-site wherever Microsoft’s positions are on a 1 to 1 basis.
In other words, open position 1 will be staffed with 1 person from Microsoft’s team and 1 person from the KAAW team working side by side, and so on until all 6,000 positions are filled.
At the end of the year Microsoft’s own employees can evaluate the H-1B’s against the Black Sheep and Microsoft agrees to hire the winner even if both the H-1B and the Black Sheep are declared the winner for that particular position.
The judges will be:

    Rupert Murdoch
    Richard Branson
    David Siegel
    Thomas Peterffy
    Warren Buffett
    Larry Ellison
    Mark Cuban
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