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Ad Free Email Accounts @KMFMS.COM

KMFMS is pleased to offer advertisement free, enhanced email at kmfms.com. The basic package includes web-mail, POP, and IMAP access, a ton of storage space, and other great features. There is also an enhanced package which offers anti-virus and spam protection. Accounts start at the low, low price of $3.08 per month and come with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee (as of this writing - subject to change at Everyone.net). The service is provided by Everyone.net on their servers, so be sure to check the sign-up pages for the latest pricing, features, and guarantee information.

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  • Note: Everyone.net is discontinuing free accounts as of March 23, 2017, with the ability to send email through the web ending February 23, 2017. Sign-ups for new free accounts ended January 28, 2004.


What Happened to the Free Email Sign-up?

KMFMS used to offer free email accounts with an optional, paid upgrade. Unfortunately, spammers ruined the service by signing up for free email accounts which they then used in the "From" address of spam that they sent. They did not use the KMFMS network or the Everyone.net network to send spam - they sent the spam from their own servers and forged the "From" address. But they were creating these junk accounts for some reason (perhaps to gather responses), so as of January 28, 2004, all new KMFMS accounts must be paid accounts. After offering free email for many years, it is sad that it had to end this way - the spammers can be thanked for killing the service.

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