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The Microsoft File : The Secret Case Against Bill Gates

This is the book that Microsoft doesn't want you to read. With the help of "insider" information from both Microsoft and the government, Goldman Rohm surveys the history of Microsoft's business practices with PC manufacturers and software vendors. Tracing the development of the government's antitrust case against Microsoft, starting at the FTC and continuing on at the Justice Department, she paints a harsh and unforgiving picture that's not at all flattering to Gates or the rest of Microsoft's top brass. The Bill Gates that emerges from these pages is small, petty, and deeply paranoid. At the same time, she puts a face on the Justice Department that's never been seen before. For those who revel in examining the dark underbelly of America's most successful company, The Microsoft File is a required and enormously entertaining read. It's also a useful primer for anyone interested in the government's antitrust efforts. Highly recommended. ...more


Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire

Hard Drive charts Gates's missteps as well as his successes: the failure of OS/2 and the embarrassing delays in bringing Windows to the marketplace; the highly publicized split with IBM, which then forged an alliance with Apple to battle Microsoft; the public relations fallout over various exploits of Gates; and the investigations by the Federal Trade Commission. Wallace and Erickson also examine the combative, often abrasive side of Gates's personality that has alienated many of Microsoft's rivals and even employees, and led to his being labeled "The Silicon Bully" by Business Month Magazine. ...more


Overdrive : Bill Gates and the Race to Control Cyberspace

James Wallace, reporter for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and author of Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire, continues with the story of the world's wealthiest man, focusing on how Gates and his company were nearly blindsided by cyberspace. ...more

Book Cover:  The Control Revolution  

The Control Revolution -- How the Internet is Putting Individuals in Charge and Changing the World We Know

A KMFMS reader writes: In this book there is a very well delivered and thoroughly thought out chapter on Microsoft's history as a business bully and dirty player in the software economy. He sights them as having control in ways that we should really be concerned about, not to mention be made aware of.

In chapter 8., Where Do You Want To Go Today? Microsoft and the Illusion of Control, the author talks about how Microsoft's 1999 ad campaign, "Where do you want to go today?", sold the idea that the user was completely in control, while in reality, Microsoft used many, behind the scenes, and at times, ethically questionable tactics to make sure that Microsoft products were the only choice to be made. A most extreme, business example of this is how Microsoft, in the early 1990s, bullied IBM to pay Microsoft a fee for each computer IBM sold, regardless of whether it was shipped with Windows or OS/2. If they did not, the ultimatum was to lose business from Microsoft. This tax effectively drove up prices on IBM's non Microsoft offerings that shipped with OS/2 because they were dual licensed and hurt the end user because they had to pay more for OS/2 boxes. Would OS/2 have gotten a larger foothold in the market, if it were not for this practice?

The author of the "Control Revolution" associates this tactic with what J.D. Rockefeller did to bring antitrust lawsuits against him, in the late 1800s; he "pressured the railroad companies into a deal where he would receive a rebate not only on every barrel of Standard Oil shipped, but on every barrel of a competitor's oil..."[quote from footnote 13]. ...more

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